Security Guard

The Security Officer program is a 1 week, 40 hour training program that provides students the skills and knowledge to become a private security guard and prepares students to pass the BSIS exam and earn a guard card. This 40 hour training program delivers courses from the three categories outlined in Article 9 Section 643 of the California BSIS Security Guard Training Regulations. Students complete 8 hours of instruction in Section 643 I Power to Arrest Courses, 16 hours in Section 643 II Mandatory Courses and 16 hours in Section 643 III Elective Courses.

These 40 hours cover comprehensive security topics: powers to arrest, weapons of mass destruction, public relations, observation & documentation, communication, legal / liability aspects, and first aid / CPR among others. Students receive certificates of completion for each course completed within the training. Successful graduates become registered by BSIS as a security guard and work as an entry level guard. More than 90% of students are hired with an Temple City Adult Ed partner security firm before they begin training. Cost of the program includes course curriculum, LiveScan background check, and BSIS application fee.

Price: $1,995

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