Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy Technician Program prepares students to earn a state Pharmacy Technician license, pass the national Pharmacy Certification Exam and get successful employment at a pharmacy. This is all provided at a fraction of the cost charged by private colleges. Our faculty has years of pharmaceutical experience and contacts to help students to get employed.

Students learn basic pharmacology, pharmacy calculations, deciphering and filling medication orders, reconstitution of medications, medical terminology, basic anatomy, physiology, and pharmacy operations among other critical topics.

The Pharmacy Technician has always been a program delivered in a hybrid manner including both online and in person instruction. Only the portions of the program that require students to learn hands-on lab skills will be delivered on campus following all safety protocols. Under non-pandemic circumstances, students would complete an internship at a pharmacy. During this pandemic the school assists student efforts to start employment as a Pharmacy Clerk during the program. Once the student completes the program and earns the Pharmacy Technician state license, the expectation is that the student would then move into a position as a Pharmacy Technician with the pharmacy.

Price: $2,495

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