Armed Security Guard

Armed is a 2 week, 80 hour program that builds upon the Security Officer program and provides an additional 40 hours of Taser, baton and firearms training. This program with all theory instruction in person and all hands-on skills instruction also delivered safely in person.

In addition to completing all course objectives of the 40 hour Hybrid Security Officer training, students in this program receive comprehensive specialty training to properly use a baton, a Taser CEW (Conducted Electrical Weapon) and firearms. Successful graduates become certified and registered by BSIS as a security guard, earn a BSIS Baton Permit, and a BSIS Firearms permit. Graduates qualify as an entry level armed security guards. Please note part of the second week of training takes place on a firing range. Cost of the program includes course curriculum, LiveScan background check, BSIS application fee, range fees, Taser cartridges, and ammunition.

Price: $3,995

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