A+ Certification / Computer Technician

This 12 week course prepares students to pass the CompTIA A+ Service Technician certification exams 220-1001/220-1002 for hardware and software and to pursue employment opportunities as a computer technician. This class is delivered entirely online: direct instruction is provided on Zoom and curriculum is accessed through an official CompTIA online platform. This is the beginning course on the path to earning a Security+ certification and is articulated with an MCAS partner, Pacific College, such that the course provides college credit in pursuit of an associate degree in cybersecurity. Hardware topics include installing, configuring, and upgrading PC hardware components and peripherals and troubleshooting hardware issues. Software topics comprise installing Windows, and software troubleshooting, including application security support. In addition to the 72 hours of direct classroom instruction, students must complete 108 hours of online assignments and assessments in preparation for each class

Price: $3,650

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