About Us

Temple City Community Adult Education proudly announces its grand reopening!! Temple City Community Adult Education (TCCAE) is excited to offer many adult programs to help adults in the community reach their educational goals.

TCCAE offers English as a Second Language and Citizenship classes so that students can learn English and better connect to their families and the community. Academic classes will help adult
students earn a high school diploma or high school equivalency. Short-term career programs will help students earn certifications and get employment in the medical, computer, construction, or security industries.

ESL and Academic classes are no cost to the student! Short-term career courses have tuition, but most students qualify for financial aid. Many students are eligible to receive training at no cost to them!

Call or come by and see how Temple City Community Adult Education is creating a community of lifelong learners!

Our Vision

The community school is the hub of the neighborhood, uniting educators, community partners, and families to provide all students with opportunities to succeed in school and in life.

Our Mission

Temple City Community Adult School is committed to building equitable and trusting relationships with their many stakeholders. Success depends on the quality of the relationships that school and district staff maintain with various partners, including teachers, counselors, social workers, parents, clergy, elected officials, business leaders, volunteer tutors, and others. We provide services with people, not to them. We have a team that embraces students, families, and other partners and includes them in the decision-making process. Further, we and our partners share accountability for student and community outcomes.