Our Staff


David Wu

I am an ELA level 1 teacher, I speak both Chinese and Mandarin to assist students to learn English as their second language. I expect everyone can learn English very well.

Ken Wu

Do you need food? Ask me how.”

Bob Westgate

A Temple City High School Alumnus, has been working in education for over 20 years. Has a passion for serving others and his community. Mr. Westgate works to advocate for all of his students to “help them make their dreams come true.

Andrew Jahan

Mr Jahan has been with TCCAE since it opened and has almost 2 decades of experience working as a teacher. He is very patient and super enthusiastic to help his adult students earn their diplomas. He has great respect for the courage and determination they exhibit, coming back to finish school later in life.

Christopher Yu

Attended Cal Poly Pomona and received my Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management and Master of Arts Degree in Education from Pepperdine University. Been in education for the past seven years and have been teaching fourth
grade students in a neighboring district. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Temple City; attended Longden, Oak, and TCHS. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy riding my road bike, hiking, camping, or traveling.

Delores Lopez

My name is Delores Lopez, ESL II Teacher, 3 years. I love working with my adult learners because they have valuable contributions in the classroom. I am happy to know that I am positively contributing to their academic and personal growth.