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Beginning ESL

ESL Beginning Low is a competency-based course designed for students who cannot function unassisted in a situation requiring spoken English. They may ready or write in their primary language and/or successfully completed the Beginning Literacy Level, but they have no skills in reading and writing English except for recognizing letters and numbers and writing their names and addresses.

Intermediate ESL

This course facilitates active and contextualized learning within various life-skills settings such as housing, community, and employment. The main focus is on further developing students’ language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking as well as grammar and vocabulary. Students will also learn problem solving and critical thinking skills via activities that will challenge them to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information so as to better prepare them for the workplace and higher academic pathways.

Advanced ESL

Advanced ESL is designed for students who already have intermediate reading and writing English skills. This is a zero-credit, course which is designed for students who have a moderate-high level of English proficiency. Throughout the course, students will improve their knowledge of written and verbal vocabulary, grammar, and diction. This course strives to integrate language function and language forms with informational sources, current events, skills and topics. Topics are chosen in accordance with students’ goals: general, vocational or academic.

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