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Class A

  • Class A CDL Training Programs
  • Advanced Commercial Drivers Course
  • Commercial Drivers Course
  • Basic Course

Class A CDL Training Programs

SGVTA offers Class A CDL Training courses and schedules to suit the specific needs of students. The Commercial Drivers Course and an Advanced Commercial Drivers Course are designed for individuals with little or no previous commercial operating experience. The courses include either full-time or part-time training schedules. Each CDL training course includes classroom instruction, Commercial Driver License permit preparation, and behind-the-wheel time. The hands-on, behind-the-wheel training focuses on skills development for backing maneuvers, local street training, and CDL road test preparation and practice.

Advanced Commercial Drivers Course

The Advanced Commercial Drivers Course is designed for individuals with little or no previous commercial vehicle operating experience. This CDL course is completed on either an 18-week or 24-week class schedule. The course will allow the student to have a broader understanding of the skills and abilities necessary for a long-term, productive driving career. The longer course length maximizes student behind-the-wheel-time, skill development and practical application of these driving skills. Graduates of the Class A CDL training will go into entry-level positions as heavy truck drivers, tractor-trailer drivers, and owner-operators.

Commercial Drivers Course

This Commercial Drivers Course can be completed full-time on a 10-week class schedule or a part-time schedule over 18 weekends. This Commercial Drivers Course is designed for students with little or no previous experience operating a commercial vehicle. This course follows the SGVTA tried and true approach of theory and procedures in the classroom, demonstration of procedures, and skill development in practical application behind-the-wheel. Graduates of this training for a Class A CDL have gone into entry-level positions as heavy truck drivers or tractor-trailer drivers.

Basic Course

This accelerated training course for a Class A CDL is designed primarily for individuals who have prior commercial driving experience or who will continue with additional on-the-job training. Students who have previously held a Class A CDL should consider this course.

Class B

Heavy Truck Driver Course

SGVTA offers a 90-hour training course for the Class B CDL. This Heavy Truck Driver Course is designed for individuals with little or no experience driving commercial vehicles and want to obtain a CDL. The Class B CDL vehicle designation is for heavy, non-articulated vehicles such as straight trucks, fuel trucks, and dump trucks. This training course utilizes classroom learning, demonstration and practical application. The “hands-on” behind the wheel Class B CDL training is conducted using straight trucks and focuses on driving skills development. Those skills include several types of backing maneuvers, proper CDL turns, and local street training along with preparation and practice for the CDL skills test.

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